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RP46 Variations: Russian, North Korean, and US Reproduction

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The RP-46 was the final iteration of the Degtyarev DP27/DPM light machine gun, modified to feed from Maxim/SG43/PK belts instead of pan magazines. As such, it was able to serve the role of a universal machine gun like the MG34 and MG42 until the Soviet Union was able to develop a true purpose-built GPMG in the PK.

Because the RP-46 is a very rare firearm in collectors’ hands today, it is not well understood by most. While the top feed adapter is known, many people do not realize that several other elements of the weapon were changed at the same time, including a complete redesign of the gas block. Today we are looking at a Russian-made set of RP-46 parts and also a North Korean set (North Korea adopted the design as the Type 64, with several changes form the Soviet pattern). We will also look at the American-made reproduction RP46 top cover made by SMG Guns of Texas.

The reproduction adapter has several improvements over the originals, while maintaining a very authentic look. Most significantly, it can be used without any permanent modification to a semiautomatic or fully automatic DP/DPM.

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