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Upcoming Content: Malta!

I had a chance to visit some really excellent gun collections on the island of Malta, and filmed a bunch of videos there that I think folks will enjoy. In addition, the Malta Tourism Authority ( stepped in and arranged visits to a variety of really interesting museums and sites on the island, which I also was able to film a couple of. I had not really appreciated just how much history is contained on the island, from millenia-old temples (I cannot recommend the Hypogeum enough if you are visiting, but unfortunately photography is prohibited within it – to the arrival of the Order of St John and the Great Siege in the 1500s to centuries of corsairing (ie, piracy), to Napoleon to WW1 POW camps and the WW2 bombing and air battles. This trip was far to brief to even begin to cover everything (sights and guns), and I am looking forward to a chance to continue working here again in the future!

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