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Finnish Jatimatic SMG

The Jatimatic was a Finnish submachine gun intended for bodyguards and private security forces. It was designed in the 1980s, and never achieved much success despite having some interesting and clever features. The bolt is designed like and Uzi or CZ-23/24 bolt, wrapping around the barrel to allow a heavy enough bolt for direct blowback operation while maintaining a short overall length of the gun. The bolt also travels along an axis not quite parallel to the barrel, which helps reduce muzzle climb.

However, the Jatimatic did not have any provision for using a shoulder stock, relying instead of firing from the hip or with a carry sling. This significantly hampered its practical utility. In addition, the sling attachment on the rear of the gun is also the takedown catch, so putting tension on the sling in the wrong way can result in the gun disassembling (not a good design feature).

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