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Mystery Mauser – Haitian? Czechoslovakian? Or Not?

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This Mauser is one that I simply have not been able to definitively identify. It is marked “Haiti 1957” and “CZ 29 – 53”, serial numbered 10, and chambered for an 8mm cartridge (probably 8×57 Mauser). However, the rifles known to have been purchased by Haiti were FN model 24/30 short rifles in .30-06, not long guns like this and not with these markings. The chamber symbol in particular is a mystery to me. Is this an example of the elusive CZ 29/53 pattern, unsuccessfully marketed to Haiti? Why would Haiti be using an 8mm rifle in 1957 anyway? If you know the answers to any of these questions, I would love to hear form you in the comments section…

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