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Feeling the Bern: Shooting the Swiss Furrer MP-41/44 SMG

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When I filmed yesterday’s video on the MP-41/44, and did not know I would have a chance to actually do some live fire with it. But we snuck off to a little shooting range to have a try (sorry for the poor lighting!). The question going in for me was whether the locking system and the weight of the gun would make for a very nice shooting experience. I knew that it had a fairly high rate of fire, but didn’t know how all the elements would come together.

It turned out to be a pretty controllable weapon, not exceptionally bad but also not exceptionally good. For all the complexity that Furrer put into the design, it handled pretty much like any other typical 9mm submachine gun.

Thanks to Kessler Auktionen AG for letting me film some of their guns!

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