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Turkish “Enfauser” – Mauser/Enfield Hybrid Rifle

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In the mid 1930s, Turkey updated and overhauled the bolt action rifles in its inventory, to bring them all up to that same standard for sights, ammunition, sling configuration, etc. Most of the rifles overhauled were Mausers of various vintages, but some were other designs, like Gewehr 88s…and British Lee Enfields. Yep, the Turks converted Lee Enfield rifles (mostly Magazine Lee Enfields and Charger-Loading Lee Enfields, but also some SMLEs) to have Mauser sights and furniture and fire 8mm Mauser ammunition.

These hybrid rifles have no formal designation, and are usually called “Enfausers” or “Mausenfields” by people in the collecting community. Only a few hundred were brought into the US, apparently by accident among vast imports of Turkish Mauser rifles over the last few decades. They are made from rifles captured in the siege of Kut and the Gallipoli campaign – this particular one came from the 103rd Mahratta Light Infantry, which surrendered at Kut in April 1916.

Thanks to viewer Wyatt for providing the rifle for me to film!

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