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British Pattern 1914 .303 Rifle: history, overview and shooting


Bloke takes a friend’s .303 P14 rifle (aka Rifle, No.3 Mk.1 (W)) out to the range and blathers a lot about it before finally getting down to some hot shooting action. The P14 rifle was a modification of the Pattern 13 Trials Rifles from before WW1, which fired a ridiculous .276 / 7mm cartridge at what were, for the era, rather high velocities (165 gn at 2800 fps). When War Were Declared, the British asked Winchester and Remington to produce them as emergency reserve arms. All in all, they delivered 1,117,850 of them. In WW1 they were used in training and as marksman and sniper rifles. In WW2 some of the sniper rifles were still in use, particularly early on.

The Mad Minute with the P14 is for another video.



Enfield P14 / Pattern 14 / No.3 .303 rifle

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