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Shattuck “Unique” Hideout Squeeze Pistol

C.S. Shattuck’s “Unique” squeeze pistol is one of the last of this sort of sightless, underpowered hideout guns. Its core patent was actually filed by Oscar Mossberg, who worked for Shattuck before setting up his own company, which you are much more likely to have heard about today! Mossberg would refine the concept after World War 1 into the Mossberg Brownie, but that is a topic for another day.

Shattuck produced a few thousand of these squeeze-fire guns, primarily chambered for .22 and .32 rimfire, although there were a small number also made in .30 rimfire. They are all 4-barrel guns, with a rotating firing pin that discharges the rounds sequentially, one per squeeze. This particular example is a .32 caliber one, which used a slightly larger frame than the .22s.

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