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Stunning Cartridge Colt Firearms

You’ve already seen the top percussion Colts in our upcoming May Premiere Firearms Auction, so now we spend some time with some extraordinary cartridge Colts. One of them being an extremely rare, high condition Colt Double rifle. It is one of the most sought after Colt firearms a gun collector can hope to own.

From the marvelous conditioned 1873 Colt Calvary model revolver to the Colt 1878 sheriff model revolver, these are just a few highlighted guns in this video. There are so many fine Colt cartridge guns to be found at Rock Island Auction Company. If you are interested in rare pristine condition Colt firearms, this is the video for you.

The Colts are fresh to market, beautiful, and most importantly, they’re available to be a part of YOUR collection.

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