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Savage .25 ACP Prototype Pocket Pistols

Savage was very successful with their .32 ACP and .380 ACP pocket pistols, and in the 1910s was interested in also breaking into the .25 ACP market, to compete with the Colt 1908 “Baby Browning”. Savage invested in all the tooling to make a new blowback .25, but never put them into serial production. Only a few dozen were ever made, in two separate runs. Why so few? The exact reason is lost to history, but most likely the company determined that they would not be able to produce the guns at a price that would be competitive.

Today’s video is a re-make of a previous one, because I was able to get examples of both production runs to show, and also learned (thanks to master gunsmith Bill Chase) how to disassemble them! It’s quite the non-intuitive process…

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