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BORING VIDEO ALERT: Blokesplaining 3 round groups take 2, entirely without guns!?!

GEEK ALERT: this video contains maths, sorry. If you don’t like it, click away now…

In out earlier video some viewers were confounded and confuddled by the Bloke shooting the sport pistol free-handed, and couldn’t quite understand why that had no effect on the point.

So, The Bloke took all guns out of the equation entirely, and did the exercise with… an Excel sheet. Sorry. But you brought this on yourselves…

So, sit back, have a stiff drink to steel your nerves, and geek out with The Bloke.

PS – The Bloke thinks that a better distribution might be pointyer in the middle compared to a normal, and with more kurtosis. But a normal distribution works for our purposes, and is easy to understand.

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