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Rock Island Auction Freedom Challenge

Kevin and Pat Hogan of Rock Island Auction want to inspire firearm owning Americans to “put some skin in the game” to protect their gun rights. The Hogans are making a matching, dollar-for-dollar donation of $1 million for this grassroots video campaign. Your donation now has DOUBLE the impact!

If you have a gun and you want to continue to legally own it, then this challenge is for you. You can participate in the #RIAFreedomChallenge with 4 easy steps.

1. Accept the challenge.

2. Record a video saying why firearms are important to you. Be creative! Feature your favorite firearm! It’s a serious, funny, or straightforward as you make it. Remember to challenge three or more friends at the end. #RIAFreedomChallenge

3. Upload that video and share it!

4. Give. Head on over to www.RIAFreedomChallenge to donate and help make sure your gun rights stick around for a long, long time.

Whether you have a strong hunting tradition in your family, a love of recreational shooting sports, are defending yourself or your family, or are a passionate collector, your rights are important.

Take the #RIAFreedomChallenge today!

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