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Fanboi lovefest episode 2

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By public demand (so don’t blame me), Bloke turns his (lack of) wit and humour to selected bad features of other fanboi favourites. Featuring the G43, FN2000, SCAR, ACR, Beretta ARX180, Krag, M1 Carbine (with proper English pronunciation), SVT40, SIG 550, Ljungmann, Hakim, Rashid, lever actions, sporting stuff like the Remington 700, HK G36, Johnson 1941, MAS 49/56, Mini 14, Mini 30, Mini-that-one-they-do-in 6.8 SPC, CZ58, Krag, and the AK again because reasons.

Don’t worry pistol and revolver fanbois, your time will come…

Rockytop by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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