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A Most Awesome Shooting Compilation

Wow – 200,000 subscribers! Thanks, folks – I have many more years of great material planned, and I hope you’ll all join me for much more…and tell your friends! 🙂

Guns in this compilation:

PaK 40:
Mauser Schnellfeuer:
Remington Rolling Block:
M1915 CSRG “Chauchat”:
M1918A3 semiauto BAR:
Krupp 50mm:
M6 37mm Gun Truck:
M18 Hellcat:
S18-1000 Solothurn 20mm:
M50 Madsen:
M55 Reising:
Semiauto Dror:
Pedersen PA:
L39 Lahti 20mm:
Armalite AR-10:
Colt AA2000:
Walther MPL:
Semiauto FG-42:
Savage .45 M1907:
Reproduction Ferguson Breechloader:
10-Bore Flintlock rifle:
FN FS2000:
CZ sa 26:
Schwarzlose M1898:
Lewis gun:
Gerat 06H:
RPG-7 Trainer:
Scotti X:
AKU-94 Bullpup conversion:
M3 37mm Antitank gun:
BSW Prototype pistol:
SIG Prototype P47
Walther selfloading shotgun
Reproduction VG1-5:
Cobray Streetsweeper:
H&K VP-70:
Winchester-Hotchkiss M1883:
T124E2 76mm High-Velocity AT gun:

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