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2-Gun Action Challenge Match: SVT40 vs M1 Garand

So, after the hype about setting the FG-42 up against the M1 at a practical action match, I unfortunately have to let you down. We had a bit of a mishap right before the match started, which rendered the FG unable to be used. It’s disappointing, but we’re going to get it fixed up and try again in anther month or two. In the meantime, we switched to an SVT-40 as a backup rifle.

Still definitely a fun matchup, and perhaps a bit more evenly balanced than the scoped FG would have been against the M1.

Also, FYI for you guys out there with FG-42s – don’t use the M14 method of buttstroking the rifle into the ground to clear a stuck case! The FG doesn’t have a metal buttplate, and the stress may not react well with the stock.

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