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Firearms Collecting 101 – Want to Get Started Collecting and Investing in Firearms?

Collecting 101:
Here at Rock Island Auction Company, we’re often asked by aspiring collectors, “Where do I start?” In this video our Director of Auction Services, Kevin Hogan, shows us some jaw-dropping firearms that represent qualities that collectors of ANY level should seek out for their collections: interesting to you, high condition, high quality, special order features, and a solid provenance.

He also points out some of the “Blue Chips” of firearms, such as Colts and Winchesters. You can find any number of guns with these features, by searching our Online Catalog on our website.

Don’t miss our September 2013 Premiere Firearms Auction to be held September 13th – 15th! We also have a full day preview on Thursday, September 12th where you can look at, pick up, shoulder, aim, hold, and inspect any item that’s going to auction.

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