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Roe deers in April winter in Hungary

I took the daughter of my brother out to stalk with me for the first time in her life. This time with camera. We were able to approach these roe deers to 50 m (after stalking 100 m in 30 minutes in the deep, frozen snow) It was fun, and gave a great memory to the little one. She will make a good hunter one day, with a lot of respect for the game.
Keresztlányommal loptuk be ezeket az őzeket az áprilisi télben. 100 m-t lopakodtunk 30 perc alatt a fagyott hóban, nehogy észre vegyenek. Nagyszerű muri volt. A kislány teljesen fegyelmezetten lopakodott utánam. Jó vadász ember lesz. Tisztelni fogja a vadat.

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