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Book Review: German Flare Pistols and Signal Ammunition by Dr Lorenz Scheit

Our book today is German Flare Pistols and Signal Ammunition, by Dr. Lorenz Scheit (and edited in English by Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess). This is a 700-page, full-color tome covering more flare pistols and ammunition for them than you had any idea existed.

Simpson Ltd puts out Deluxe editions of several of their books, including this one. The content of the book is the same, but it is bound in sumptuous leather, and really stands out on a bookshelf (as well as being a limited-printing collectible in its own right). The Deluxe editions are not for everyone, but they are a good fit for the really encyclopedic volumes that Simpson publishes (like German Flare Pistols and Signal Ammunition).

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