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Water vs. Uberti 1851 Navy percussion revolver

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In the early 1850s Colt’s biggest European competitor was Adams, with his fine .44 caliber double action percussion revolver. On the 10th September 1851 tests were carried out in the Woolwich Royal Arsenal. The officers tested the strength, quickness, accuracy of the Colt vs the Adams and checked if the revolveres were water proof enough. Samuel Colt used a .44 caliber Dragoon, while the other revolver was a Deane Adams 1851 model in 44 cal. The dragoon was fired by Samuel Colt himself, and it only fired four chambers out of 6, while the Adams firead all after the test. The Adams was the clear winner of that day. I found this test quite interesting but I wanted to test a more real โ€žwater situation” with a percussion revolver.

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