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Gatling 1874

An animation of a 10-barrel .45 cal 1874 Gatling gun, with 240 round Broadwell magazine. This gun was sometimes called the Camel gun, after some imaginative advertising. Earlier models of Gatling gun were heavy and difficult to transport across rough terrain. In 1872, Gatling patented a shorter lock design, which allowed a shorter and lighter firing mechanism, and with short barrels, a light Gatling could be transported by infantry and mounted on a tripod (or a Camel!). The firing pin of the lock runs through the lock ending with a knob. As the gun turns, a lug at the base of each lock runs in a racetrack which drives it forwards and pulls it backwards. Just short of the firing point, the firing pin knob is captured in a groove, so that as the lock continues forwards, the firing pin is held back and compresses the firing spring. For more details on vbbsmyt movies, Google for Victorian ship models, or anti torpedo boat guns

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