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Q&A 44: My Workout Routine, NATO-Caliber Brownings, & Defend the Alamo!

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The Agua Chiltepin in this video is made by Tio Ceddy, and you can order from them here:
They have no connection to the channel, and aren’t a sponsor or anything. Just a neat local piece of Southwestern culture.

This is the full-length version of this Q&A, which I was fighting Youtube flagging on until the last minute.

00:59 – Is there a future in balanced recoil type systems?
02:05 – Does 8mm Kurz have a place today?
03:44 – Was there ever an M1 Carbine in .223?
06:05 – How is Floatplane working out?
08:30 – Is the gunsmithing profession in decline?
12:17 – Reprint of Chassepot to FAMAS
14:10 – Will the M14 make a comeback to defeat body armor?
15:00 – What was so bad about the M14 anyway?
16:43 – How to check out a Carcano TS carbine, and fuddlore gunsmiths
20:06 – Lightweight AR-10 as a scout rifle?
21:48 – (Literal) Silver bullets
23:33 – Elephant guns in the trenches in WW1
25:41 – If I were an armorer in the next John Wick film
27:31 – What is my daily exercise routine?
30:04 – Why was the .22LR designed with a rebated bullet?
32:11 – Firearm factory tours to show new and old machinery
33:35 – Is the move away form military bullpups permanent?
35:29 – Transparent handgun grip panels
38:30 – Constant recoil plus 3-round-burst
39:53 – You have one hour to equip and train the Alamo defenders with any guns. Go!
42:55 – Judging the OGCA display show
43:46 – Why night sights on pistols and not rifles?
45:19 – How much ammo and how many spare barrels did a German MG squad carry in WW2?
Folke Myrvang’s book is out of print, but available here:

49:41 – Different ways to get rid of guns in your collection
55:08 – Questions about my plans to film a particular gun
56:51 – Why didn’t the US convert the 1919 Brownings to 7.62mm NATO?
59:59 – CMMG radial delay system for intermediate or rifle calibers?

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