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Swiss military sharpshooting rifle made according to Regulations of 1842

Swiss armed force – not considered a standing army according to the federal constitution – incorporated 71 sniper companies consisting of young, unmarried volunteers who were masters of their rifles. These marksmen used their own civilian rifles for sniper duties. According to the regulations in 1842 their equipment was the following:

“For the sharpshooters: the round ball rifle (Stutzer) with bayonet; the hunting sword, the hunting bag, with accessories and the powder horn. The leather goods are black.” The color of the uniform was dark green with black buttons. The exact dimensions of the rifle were not specified, but the most important dimensions were set: total length: 1260 mm, barrel length: 900 mm, weight: 5 to 6 kg, caliber: bullet weight 23 bullets to a pound, with a flexibility of two bullets more or less (14-16 mm), rifling: ¾ – 1 turn a the length of the barrel. The rifle was equipped with a bayonet, attached to the rail on the right side of the muzzle.

The beauty you see in the picture features a lock made by Bristlen a Morges, and a barrel – matching exactly the specifications above – made by Feres Sieber a Lausanne. Two of the best Swiss gunmakers ever.
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