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Fort 221: The Ukrainian Tavor TAR

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In 2008, Ukrainian manufacturing conglomerate RPC Fort received a license from IMI to produce a variety of Israeli small arms, including the Tavor TAR and Tavor X95. In Fort’s catalog, these were designated the Fort-221 (TAR) and Fort-224 (X95). A small number were allegedly produced for special forces, the Presidential Guard, and the Ukrainian National Guard – all elements run by the Ministry of the Interior (which also owns RPC Fort). In 2021, all of the IMI licensed products were removed from Fort’s web site. Most likely, the small initial production of guns were simply imported from Israel and remarked, with the intention of building a full production line only when a substantial order was received (which never did happen). Comparing this Fort-221 to a standard IMI TAR, I was unable to find any differences except the markings, which appear to have been converted from Israeli markings.

For more information on the use of Tavors in Ukraine, make sure to check out The Armourer’s Bench video:

Many thanks to the IRCGN (Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale) for allowing me access to film this rare rifle for you!

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