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The Mariette double action pepperbox pistol

The Pepperbox revolvers were the most popular and probably most effective self defence weapons until the introduction of the modern revolver designs. Probably the best and most elegant system was developed in Europe at the end of the 1830s by Guillaume and Gilles Mariette. They worked in Cherrat, Liege, Belgium. This 4-shot Pepperbox was made in their worksop. History, modern time shooting, performance.
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0:00 What is a pepperbox revolver?
2:21 Loading the Mariette pepperbox pistol
4:40 Shooting to 8 meters
5:30 The history of the pepperbox phenomenon
9:32 Shooting a metal popper with full charge
9:54 The Mariette gunmaking family
11:27 The Mariette pepperbox system
12:16 The ballistics of the .38 cal pepperbox

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