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Shooting Shaved Webley Revolvers (w/ Steinel Ammo)

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Steinel Ammunition has started making a rather niche new product, but one that I think is quite convenient: .45 ACP downloaded to .455 Webley pressure. This is for use in Webley revolvers that were shaved to use moon clips and .45 ACP when they were imported. This is a common modification done by importers back when proper .455 Webley ammunition was very hard to find; by converting the guns to .45 ACP they became much easier to sell (a similar thing was done with .380 ACP barrels in Husqvarna M1907 9×20 SR pistols). However, standard .45 ACP ammunition is equivalent to .455 Webley proof loads, and it’s not safe to shoot it. So historically, the shaved Webley revolvers have been shootable (safely) only for handloaders. Steinel’s new offering gives people a factory-made option that can be safely shot right out of the box.

Disclaimer: Steinel sent me a box of this ammo for free. I’m doing a video because I think it’s an excellent thing to have on the market, not because I can be bribed for $39.99 😉

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