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Alpenflage: Why Red? Alpine meadows? Infrared Reflectivity (IRR)?

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Here, we answer the question as to why there’s red in the Alpenflage / TAZ 57 / TAZ 61 / TAZ 83 uniform camouflage pattern. And then we look at a bunch of stuff under IR, including:

TAZ 90, Splinter tent sheets, various helmet covers, blue wool

M62, M91, M04, M05

British / DPM Variants:

49 Pattern Battledress, both British and Canadian
Various 68 Pattern prints
80’s DPM Trop Trousers
95 Pattern trousers, both old and unissued
Oman / Omani DPM
Mystery Blue 68 Pattern, and Chinesium (supposedly Iraqi National Police) blue DPM
Dutch Woodland DPM
Desert DPM

0:00 Introduction and Overview of Swiss Camouflage History
5:34 Evolution of Swiss Military Camo from TAS 57 to TAS 83
9:18 Introduction to 1st Gen Night Vision Technology
12:14 Analysis of Camouflage Patterns and Their Effectiveness
16:31 Demonstration of Various Camouflage Patterns under IR Light
20:20 Examination of Postwar Uniform Materials under Infrared
24:09 Exploration of Modern Repro and Reversible Patterns under Infrared
28:19 Comparison of Desert DPM and Dutch DPM Parker under Infrared
30:42 Unveiling the Mystery of Blue DPM 68 Pattern
32:23 Acknowledging Supporters and Sponsors of the Channel
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