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A Tale of Two Sterlings: Mk.4 (open bolt) vs Mk.6 (closed bolt), First Impressions

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Thanks to supporters, BotR now has a second Sterling SMG subgat! This one is a factory original Mk.6, the factory closed bolt version. Bloke has been doing sterling work (geddit?!?) with his open bolt Mk.4 for a number of years now, and the opportunity to add a closed bolt Mk.6 to the channel collection couldn’t be passed up.

Here’s the lads’ first impressions on the 50m range!

0:00 Introduction to Sterling Mark 4 and Mark 6
1:40 Mike’s Shooting Impressions
4:57 Fabien’s Shooting Impressions
6:20 Comparison of Sterling Mark 4 and Mark 6
8:32 Discussion on Ease of Shooting
11:14 Final Thoughts and Closing Remarks
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