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BUG Match Pickelhaube Edition: German 1883 Reichsrevolver

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Today I took a Model 1883 Reichsrevolver out to the monthly BackUp Gun Match. This is an 1894-manufactured gun (made at the Erfurt Arsenal). It is a single action only, six-shot revolver chambered for the 10.6mm German Ordnance cartridge. The first type of Reichsrevolver was adopted by the young German Empire in 1879, with the significantly shortened model here adopted in 1883. Both models do also have manual safety levers – unusual for revolvers – but that wasn’t relevant to the match today. These revolvers were front-line German service handguns until replaced by the Luger starting in 1908.

For more details on the revolver, check out my full videos here:
Model 1879:
Model 1883:

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