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Blue DPM, Superglue and Hatred, Safe For YT Version: Chinesium AK setup for #LynxBrutality2024

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Bloke has again given in to peer pressure and will take a Chinesium AK, aka a Chinese Type 56S in the OG dropped butt configuration, to @PolenarTactical ‘s Lynx Brutality 2024 #LynxBrutality2024

To keep up with Ian of @ForgottenWeapons and Ziga of Ponenar, he needs some upgrades. But what’s the order of preference? And what are the options for mounting an optic to an AK?

This is the Safe For YouTube version. There’s a version showing the mods on Playeur and on the Weapons and War App. Playeur is here:

0:00 Introduction and overview of the episode
0:37 Discussion on rifle upgrades and their importance
7:31 Detailed overview of the Chinese type 56 rifle
13:08 Process of replacing the rear sight with a red dot mount
21:49 Preparing for practice and testing at the range
24:10 Discussing ammo use and accuracy with the Chinese AK
27:01 Analyzing the impact of different types of ammunition
30:03 Discussing different shooting techniques and adjusting the reticle
33:04 Handling the rifle and preparing for grouping
34:36 Summarizing the zeroing process
34:47 Expressing gratitude to sponsors and supporters
35:20 Closing remarks and goodbye
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