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McCann Industries MAS 49/56 in the Elbonian Royal Air Service

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In the early 2000s, the Elbonian Royal Air Service was looking for an aerial interdiction rifle – something to arm snipers in dirigibles, for shooting down light aircraft and drones. In this, they were remarkably similar to a mission performed by French Army de l’Air snipers – and the Elbonians made the critical mistake of attempting to copy the French.

They purchased surplus MAS 49/56 rifles from McCann Industries in the United States. These were rifles converted to 7.62x51mm, and then fitted with McCann’s modernization package. McCann manufactured a new aluminum lower that used AR grips and stocks, and fitted the barrels with quad rail assemblies.

The Real Story:
This is in fact one of the very few McCann Industries modernized MAS 49/56 rifles produced. It is also, in fact, very similar to the MAS 49/56 MSB and the modernization work done by French gunsmith Herlé Kaigre. The French Air Force snipers did apparently at least test one or two of this sort of modernized 49/56, as the semiauto action offered benefits over their bolt action FR-G rifles. Ultimately, though, they adopted the FN SCAR-H a few years ago. And yes, the aerial interdiction mission is a real thing.

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