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@varusteleka Remote Military March 2024: Murten to Sugiez

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Bloke, Chap and four other intrepid explorers, including @neutral_af (please give him a like and subscribe) go for a little 25km wander around the Murtensee an up Mont Vully. Includes a little look at a bunker and some lovely scenery despite the rain. Oh, and excellent organisation from Varusteleka to liaise with the Murten Slow-Up like that! Discussed is: Chappie’s Swiss naturalisation process, various views on shooting-related things that have changed over the years, some Fuddlore, and some scenery 🙂

Battle of Murten VRMM: />Mont Vully 1: />Mont Vully 2: />
0:00 Introduction and discussion on gear for the @varusteleka remote military March 2024
7:22 Fabien’s journey to Swiss citizenship and the Swiss voting system
14:15 Discussion on hiking gear and its usage
23:32 Evolution of Mike Burns and Fabien Compos’ views on shooting and the changing world of firearms
37:25 Debunking myths in the shooting field and comparing German and British infantry squads
44:13 Personal evolution in shooting techniques and discussion on gun modifications
49:04 A look at the Vaud wine region and the Slow Up event
56:03 Discovery of World War 2 stop line and Swiss emergency chocolate ration tasting
1:03:07 Discussion on military rations and packing up for the journey
1:13:22 Completion of the journey, post-journey reflections, and closing comments.
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