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The Henry rifle in the Civil War

The 2nd part of the Henry series is focusing on the use the rifle during the American Civil War. Both the Federal and Confederate side used the rifle is significant quantities. In the mean time I test fire the rifle from 100-300 meter distances.
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0:00 Intro
0:34 The US used Henry rifles – the Army trials
1:43 Shooting the Uberti Henry to 100m
4:28 The US used Henry rifles – the Navy trials
4:49 Private purchases and government purchases
5:06 The 1st DC cavalry
6:05 The new trials of 1864 for the Henry carbine
7:32 Shooting the Uberti Henry to 200 meters
9:37 The 7th Illinois Veteran Volunteer regiment
12:15 The Confederate Henry rifles
13:38 making the .44-40 with modern tools
15:37 Henry rifle tactics
19:45 Shooting the Uberti Henry to 300m

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