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Uberti 1860 Henry 44-40 rifle meets 21st century – Shooting cinema TEASER

I had a really nice experience today. We were filming for the Fishing & Hunting channel about lever action rifles at the WB Shooting Center, the sole shooting cinema in Hungary. The range is just excellent: a 100 m range, a 25 m pistol range and the shooting cinema. And guess what, the air change system easily handles black powder as well. The film will be about the development of Winchester rifles from the 1860 Henry to the M1895. I am sure I’ll return here often.

The cinema offers you various hunting and law enforcement scenarios. It simulates 70-80 meter distances. The film stops at the shot, and shows you the point of impact with a red dot. A really efficient practice for driven hunts.

I recorded many good clips for the 3rd part of the Henry video. A teaser just for you. 🙂

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