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FN1910 Inherent Safety Flaw: Can Be Put In An Unsafe Condition!!!

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Back in the day when Bloke was doing TFBTV, a gentleman contacted him by e-mail to describe in great detail the “clever” way he carried his FN 1910 loaded +1, i.e. with a full magazine and a loaded chamber. In doing so, he had inadvertently discovered a fundamental flaw and had put his pistol into a very unsafe, not drop safe condition where, if he had needed to use it, he would have had a dead trigger…

0:00 Introduction and discussion on FN1910 safety design flaw
1:20 Examination of Glock 17’s safety design
2:42 Understanding the concept of rebounding strikers
7:39 Proper use and dangers of misusing the FN1910
14:47 Promo:
15:16 Reflection on the evolution of safety in gun design
15:54 Conclusion and call to action for podcast support
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