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HK43: The 5.56mm “Paramilitary” Rifle

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Before the H&K 90 series of rifles – the civilian semiautomatic versions – existed, there was the 40-series; the paramilitary rifles. Originally intended for German reservist purchase, the HK41 and HK43 were G3 and HK33 rifles made in semiautomatic only configuration. In the early 1970s, these were fairly easy for a German member of the armed forces to purchase, and keep at home for training or recreational shooting. They were also imported in small umbers into the US, with additional changes made to the receiver and bolt carrier to meet ATF standards for not being easily convertible into machine guns. By the mid 1970s, however, German laws changed, and the process to purchase on of these rifle in Germany became onerous enough that H&K dropped them from production. In their place came the HK 91 and 93 (as well as 94), more specifically designed to meet American import regulations – but identical to the 40 series in practical terms.

Thanks to Select Fire Weaponry of Waukesha, Wisconsin for loaning me this rare rifle to film!

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