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CZ 600 Trail .223 Rem In Detail

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Bloke was so impressed by the CZ 600 Trail belonging to @PolenarTactical that he used on Day 2 of Lynx Brutality 2023 that he had to acquire one. It’s a very interesting design of high speed low drag turnbolt rifle (available in .223 Rem, .300 BLK and 7.62×39) but isn’t without a few strange design choices and a few flaws.

0:00 Introduction and discussion on bolt action rifles and CZ 600 Trail
1:34 The need for bolt action rifles with large magazines
5:14 Examination and critique of CZ 600 Trail’s features
13:39 Review and assessment of the rifle and suggestions for improvement
16:28 Accuracy discussion and debunking the 1 minute of angle myth
19:11 Customizing the rifle
19:29 Promo: Weapons and War TV
20:32 Wrap-up and viewer support encouragement
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