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The Hall flintlock breech loading rifle – cartridges, instructions and ballistics

This is the 2nd part of the Hall rifle history video. This chapter focuses on the service cartridges and charges of the Hall rifle, and gives an insight about its contemporary use based on such primary sources as the 1816 and 1826 manuals for the rifle written by the designer himself. I give an accurate picture about the external ballistics of the rifle.

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0:00 Hall’s recommendations on the charge of the rifle
2:04 Using the Hall combination flask
5:17 Rifleman’s accoutrements
6:53 40m target shooting with service charge
12:28 Making cartridges for the Hall rifle in the field
20:32 Recreating the muzzle velocity
27:19 External ballistics
28:22 Terminal ballistics
28:47 Mad minute using the Hall combination flask
33:17 The sharpshooting position
34:43 80m target shooting with the service charge

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