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.223 CZ600 Trail: grouping, and some points (yet again) about why 3 round groups are no good.

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Did I not flog the 3-round-groups-aren’t-groups dead horse enough back in the day? Anyway, two birds with one stone here: an introduction to the CZ 600 Trail rifle, a look at its grouping capacity at 50m with some Black Hills 77gn MK 262 MOD 1-C ammunition, and a demonstration/discussion about group sizes for testing as a result of this @backfire video: />
0:00 Introduction and Overview of the czZ 600 Trail
1:41 Detailed Analysis of the czZ 600 Trail: Features and Drawbacks
3:51 Debunking Shooting Accuracy Myths and Misconceptions
6:22 Testing the CZ 600 Trail
9:36 The Importance of Sample Sizes in Shooting Groups
16:17 Performance Expectations
18:27 The CZ 600 Trail: Practicality versus Accuracy
20:55 Promo: Weapons and War TV
21:48 Closing Remarks
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