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PT83: The Sneaky Silenced Version of Poland’s P83 Pistol

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When the P-83 pistol went into production, the Polish military decided that it wanted a dedicated suppressed version of the gun, and the result was the PT-83. Thw P-83 was a 9x18mm pistol with a fixed barrel, so attaching a suppressor was not going to cause any problems with functioning. However, the designers wanted to have the slide remain closed when firing, and to do something more than just extend the barrel and thread on a suppressor. So, the redesigned the recoil spring to site below the suppressor (ion the regular P-83 it encircles the barrel), and built a clever slide locking system into the trigger mechanism…

Ultimately, the project was cancelled and never went into production.Only a handful of prototypes were made, and we are grateful to Works 11 for giving me access to film this one to film for you!

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