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Firepower United: Calvin Tries Swiss-Style Pistol Shooting at 50 and 25m

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Calvin of Firepower United joined Mike of Bloke on the Range for some Swiss style pistol shooting at 50m and 25m. How did he get on outside his comfort zone while doing some 50m precision, timed and some 25m dueling and Olympic Rapid Fire? @FirepowerUnited

SIG P210, P220
Parabellum / Luger 1906, 06/29
Hämmerli SP20 sport pistol

00:00:00 Introduction and guest introduction: Calvin from Firepower United
00:01:00 Start of shooting session with SIG P 210
00:18:50 Discussion on the importance of trigger control in shooting
00:24:45 Second round of shooting with the 210-6 and discussing its features
00:27:46 Introduction to the P 220 pistol
00:35:08 First round of shooting with the Parabellum
00:51:52 Discussion on one-handed shooting and holding techniques
01:17:31 Mike Burns: Switching to Olympic Rapid Fire
01:33:50 Calvin: Closing thoughts and podcast wrap-up


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