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Hi-Point YC-9 Yeet Cannon at the BUG Match

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Hi-Point finally released their double-stack YC-9 Yeet Cannon a few months ago, and they sent me one to try out so I figured I’d take it to the monthly BackUp Gun Match.

The new YC-9 is exactly what you would expect from Hi-Point, because they really only make one basic gun. It’s a simple blowback 9mm with a massive slide. It’s kinda clunky and awkward, and the magazine release is large enough to occasionally be hit accidentally if you are left handed. The new magazine design holds all of 10 rounds (up from the 8 of the regular single-stack version). It’s generally very reliable, the finish will mar easily, and the trigger is mediocre. It’s a very predictable pistol at a very competitive price point, and I frankly like the total lack of pretensions from Hi-Point. It’s not a pistol for everyone, but it’s not a gun they are trying to make out to be more than it really is.

I actually did pretty well with it in the match! I’ll leave it to you to decide the deeper meaning of my best stage (I was actually the overall match winner on that stage) being the carjacking one…

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