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The Norwegian M1894 Krag-Jorgensen rifle in 6.5×55 caliber – Hunting, shooting, history

This is an old fashioned hunting review of the Norwegian M1894 Krag-Jorgensen rifle in 6.5×55 calibre. This is one of the smoothest military rifles I have ever shot. History of the rifle, the cartridge, target shooting 50-200 meters, and joyful days of hunting are included in this video. Very Merry Christmas to All!
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0:00 hunting in October
03:23 The history of the rifle and shooting to 50m
04:00 The features of the rifle and the 6.5×55 cartridge
08:13 The work of the magazine cutoff switch
08:54 Hunting in November
10:44 Shooting to 100 and 200 meters
13:03 Hunting in December snow
20:16 Paying respect to the fallen game
21:49 Opening the game

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