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Patreon Q&A, Autumn 2023

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Lots of questions from Patrons!

0:00 Introduction and Q&A announcement
1:08 Discussion on Swiss inventions and personal questions
3:34 The influence of civilians on military gun choices and rifle selection for Switzerland
10:40 Cultural implications of contacting people from troop tags
13:28 The potential and challenges of Brutality matches in Europe
16:48 Accessibility and cost of firearms in Switzerland
22:11 Practical shooting techniques and competitions in Switzerland
31:02 Forgotten and rare infantry rifles
41:18 The appeal and analysis of varied firearms
49:10 Future of the gun collector market and peak performance of military rifles
1:00:57 Crowdfunding options and interaction with the community
1:03:44 Future plans for the channel and upcoming projects
1:09:22 Dealing with creative blocks and the impact of hyperfocus
1:14:44 Closing remarks
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