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The Pointless (and Dangerous) “Spetznaz” Makarov Holster

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Today we have a look at the EFA-2k Makarov holster that was “made for Spetznaz”. I am extremely skeptical that any Spetznaz operator ever actually deployed with one of these things, though. It’s a holster with a neat mechanical function; you can push the pistol down through the bottom of the holster and it will automatically disengage the safety and rack the slide (chambering a round) in the process (ejecting the chambered round out the hole in the holster is there is one chambered).

This sounds like a a good idea, but it’s really not. It is an ND just waiting to happen, it’s not a good concealment holster size-wise, and it only has one true purpose. That is to be a workaround for people/places where it is mandated to carry the pistol chamber empty, and with the safety engaged. In reality, the Makarov’s double action trigger is a completely safe and effective safety mechanism for carry, and there is no actual reason to carry one with an empty chamber.

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