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The Civil War LeMat grapeshot revolver – history, accuracy, terminal ballistics

The LeMat revolver – even if it is a reproduction – is an arm you want to own once in your lifetime if you are black powder shooter. Definitely different from all other muzzle loading side arms of the American Civil War. This episode covers the history of the development and also shows the operation of the Pietta repro. So if you ever wondered how powerful end effective this cavalry revolver was, this is your video.
The full version is more than 50 minutes (additional parts: making revolver and buckshot and single ball cartridges, disassembly and cleaning the LeMat), you can access it as a member of the Capandball YouTube channel:
Or on our Patreon page:
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0:00 Introduction
02:42 First trial of the Pietta repro on metal plates
04:23 Development
07:59 25 m accuracy trial of the Pietta repro
13:11 Difficulties during the Civil War
17:00 The Second Model and the reciprocating pin system
19:25 Accuracy of the shotgun barrel with buck shot
21:14 Cartridges of the LeMat revolver
25:35 Ballistic gelatin tests of the projectiles of the shotgun barrel
29:49 The Pietta repro

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