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Deep Lore on Machine Guns: Q&A with John Keene

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Today I’m speaking with retired Master Sergeant John Keene, the NFA export for Morphy’s. John is a machine gun collector himself, and between this and his work with Morphy’s he has exceptional experience and expertise. So we have a slate of questions for him from Patrons:

0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – What’s the best way to sell a transferrable SMG?
5:00 – German small arms engineers used by the US after WW2?
10:44 – Could the T24 (American MG42) have worked?
14:09 – Are there any machine guns underpriced or overpriced right now?
18:30 – What new machine guns would become popular if the NFA registry was reopened?
21:18 – Was open bolt ever a bad thing on a crew-served gun?
24:14 – Best first machine gun?
27:31 – Converting Colt Balloon Guns into other models – acceptable?
35:06 – If you bought a Thompson in 1932, what was required to keep it legal until today?
42:27 – Why was the MG42 considered such a good machine gun?
48:48 – How effective was the M1919A6 as a squad automatic?
53:00 – Most important improvement in machine guns by today?
55:29 – Are variable rates of fire actually practical?
1:00:51 – What is the current direction of machine gun collecting?
1:06:20 – Impact of Knob Creek ending, and will there be a replacement?
1:11:50 – Examples of feed systems that hinder a gun?

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