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SRA Etelä-Häme Hätila 2023 Finnish Two-Gun Competition

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As usual, Mike, Les and Jari shot the SRA Etelä-Häme Hätila 2023 match. Mike and Jari were going for a kinda Finnish Wolverines (aka Red Dawn) type setup with 7.62×39 AK’s and Varusteleka M91 ChiCom chest rigs, whereas Les went with a Steyr AUG in .223 Remington / 5.56. 7 awesome stages with The Finnish RK We Have At Home!

0:00 Introduction and thanks to the SRA Etelä-Häme match organizers
1:36 Gear and guns used in the match
2:55 Stage 6 and 7 walkthroughs and discussions
11:33 Stage 1 and 2 walkthroughs: Challenges and ergonomics of the AK rifle
24:55 Stage 3 and 4 walkthroughs: Different approaches and tactics
29:39 Stage 5 walkthrough: Starting with a loaded pistol
36:49 Promo: WeaponsAndWar.TV
37:41 Gear Review: Mike’s thoughts on his equipment and how it performed
39:12 Improving Performance: The benefits of a red dot and a better handguard
39:46 Closing Remarks and Call to Action: Like, Subscribe, and Join the App
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