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The CZ75 Automatic Isn’t On YouTube. Here’s Why…

All the best firearms history channels streaming to all major devices:

I created History of Weapons and War as a way to not just ensure a place to host and view historical and educational firearms content, but more importantly as a way to support the whole community of people who create this type of content. I have been fortunate that Forgotten Weapons has become large and successful, but many of the other channels in this space are far smaller. As YouTube continues to restrict monetization and content in general, it is very difficult for those channels to grow to a point of self-sufficiency. History of Weapons and War is my attempt to create a platform that not just hosts this material, but can give creators the option to make their channels full-time self-sustaining operation, and to help raise the next generation of new creators – something that you simply can’t do on YouTube the way you used to be able to.

If you are passionate about firearms history, development, and education, I hope you will consider subscribing!

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