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Roosevelt’s Pard: The Guns of Arthur Merrifield

Arthur William Merrifield was Theodore Roosevelt’s hunting guide, lifelong friend, and business partner. In our December Premier Auction are several fascinating pieces from Merrifield’s life, including some presented by Theodore Roosevelt.

Merrifield was an outdoorsman, rancher, hunter, guide, U.S. Marshal, and a true man of the American West. It’s no wonder he and Roosevelt became fast friends.

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——– Contents of this video ———————————————————-
6:20 – Theodore Roosevelt Presentation Merwin Hulbert Revolver & Watch (Lot 1092)
8:44 – A.W. Merrifield’s Winchester Model 1894 from the Roosevelts (Lot 1094)
11:59 – U.S. Marshal Merrifield’s Colt 1903, Shoulder Holster, & Badge (Lot 1093)

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