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Full charge 45-120 Sharps straight cartridge: external and terminal ballistics

This video is an addition to the film I made about the Pedersoli 1874 Sharps rifle chambered for the 45-120 cartridge. In this chapter we’ll go through the basics of wound ballistics while we check the trajectory of the bullet propelled with a full load of 120 grains of black powder, and we check its terminal (wound) ballistics effect in ballistic gelatin.
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Wound ballistics: />
0:00 Intro
1:04 The basics of wound ballistics
3:00 The permanent cavity
4:24 The temporary cavity, the cavitation
5:40 Effect of the sonic pressure wave
7:10 What we need for an ethical shot?
9:07 External ballistics and the BC of the bullet
10:26 Calculating the BC of a bullet
11:51 The external ballistics of the 45-120 round
16:07 Terminal (wound ballistics) of the 45-120 round
19:00 Comparison of the 45-120 cartridge to the effect of the 8×57 JRS modern hunting round

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